Hydraulic Filtration Carts

Portable, Off-Line & In-Line Filtration Systems


We build filtration systems for Industrial, Marine, Nuclear, Transportion and Mining applications.  We offer a standard 5gpm or 12 gpm cart, two phase and/or high viscosity.  Or custom manufactured to your application.


We build filtration systems for Transportation, Nuclear, Mining, Industrial and Marine applications. Portable filtration carts, 5 gpm or 12 gpm two phase, and high viscosity.

Portable, In-line & Off-line systems. Below, with integrated particle counter. 

The hydraulic oil in the braking system of trains must meet a very high standard of cleanliness, NAS 5.  Eastern Fluid Power Inc. custom designed a filtration unit to exceed this level. This is the last test a train undertakes before going into service. The oil is filtered, polished and monitored by an integrated particle counter, which records and prints out a report on the cleanliness achieved. These units are sold Globally.  The oil processed by these units exceed NAS 5.

The unit weight is approximately 1361 lbs (617 kg), when full of 30 gallons (114 litres) of hydraulic fluid and 1323 lbs (600 kg) dry.  The unit is supplied assembled on the truck, flushed, tested and fitted with new filter elements.

The flushing unit has a 7 gpm (27 Lpm) pressure compensated pump with a maximum pressure on 3600 psi (248 bar) operating pressure.  The compensator is set at 3000 psi (207 bar) for this application.  The pump is powered by a 7 1/2 HP (5.6 Kw) 460 vac, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 1800 rpm electric motor.

The unit includes 2 high pressure filters, 5 micron absolute and 3 micron absolute (Beta of 1000) on the supply side and a 10 micron absolute on the return side.  The pressure filters are provided with visual service indicators. The pressure side has a Meter-in needle valve, which may reduce the flow to the train when testing.

An air/oil heat exchanger is provided, and a 150F (65 Celsius), temperature switch will shut the pump, if the oil gets overheated.  The low oil level switch will also shut the pump if the oil level gets too low.


Off-line filtrations carts for hydraulic and lube applications, may vary to suit the viscosity and pump flow rates best suited for your application.

Our standard portable models are 5gpm or 12gpm, two phase and/or high viscosity.

Standard units feature:

  • Heavy duty frame
  • Solid wheels for easy of movement (will fit through all standard doors)
  • Drip Pan
  • Hose assembly of any size or fittings to suit application

Below: Compact and easy to operate this filtration cart is an essential tool for the transfer of new oil, or can be used as an off line filter system, to support the standard in-line filtration systems.

  • 5 GPM 2-Stage Filter Cart
  • 5 GPM High Viscosity 2-Stage
  • 12 GPM 2-Stage Filter Cart

Drum Filler Cart

In addition, we offer a commercially designed and manufactured Drum filler Cart system which is effective for the filling and bleeding hydraulic or lube systems.  As such, this unit complies with the requirements for standard industrial service equipment. 

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