Hydraulic Power Units

We manufacture Hydraulic Power Units for numerous applications.


We design and build Hydraulic Power Units from small 5 HP  to 200 HP heavy industrial units.  The unit below top is used in a Waste Water Treatment facility, the second unit is to power the Hastings Swing Bridge.  AC, DC, Gas & Diesel.

Below an Overhead style Power Unit, with a 200 gal reservoir with isolation valves to and from the pumps.  Tandem piston pumps have a volume of 42 gpm for a twin cylinder piston pump and 20 gpm agitator hopper motor.  Pressure 50 bar for the agitator and 100 bar for the piston pump.  Pumps powered by a 50 hp 3-60-575v-1800 TEFC electric motor.  High and low level alarms.  Hot temperature alarm.  Kidney loop circuit provides 4-micron continuous filtration and cooling with a water/oil heat exchanger.

And this for the Hastings Swing Bridge

Small Gas Powered Portable HPU

Gas powered HPU in powder coated enclosure, for marine application.

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