We are pleased to represent the following manufacturers of OEM and replacement components.

We believe every fluid power challenge has a solution. Here is a selection of our OEM and replacement parts suppliers. Please check the Line Card for a complete list of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Process, Motion Control & Instrumentation parts.


Burkert products are the Cadillac in Process Control equipment. Burkert are specialists in the Food, Hygiene & Water Treatment sectors. Burkert products are found in abundance in: pharmaceutical, nutra-ceutical, cosmetic, brewery, beverage, dairy, juice production, confectionary, pet food and R&D laboratories in academic and industrial environments.

Process control valves, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, sensors, transmitters, instrumentation.

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Caterpillar is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing heavy duty Hoses and Couplings. High quality hose products mean fewer hose changes. Cat offers a broad line of high, medium and low-pressure hoses and couplings that are engineered and tested far beyond industry standards for top performance and long life.

We have been a CAT authorized distribution centre for over 20 years. We only use genuine CAT hose and fittings on your CAT equipment.

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DV Systems DeVILBISS Devair

Three great names, now all under the DV Systems umbrella.

DV Systems designs, engineers & manufactures efficient, performance driven Air Compressors. DV has Manufactured Industrial Air Compressors since 1954 in Barrie, Ontario.

Screw Compressors

Heavy duty, high performance & high efficiency Rotary Screw Air Compressors operate at a 100% duty cycle and are ideal for continuous use applications where reliable, dry, clean air is required. Innovative component integration results in a compact, quiet air system engineered for efficiency & performance, providing high-capacity air delivery and stable system pressure with minimal installation space.

Piston Reciprocating Air Compressors

The HDI Series is engineered to provide a heavy-duty, durable and dependable air compressor built to withstand the most demanding industrial environments. Heavily weighted cast iron pumps and low rpm enhance heat dissipation and enable up to a 75% duty cycle. 7 Year Warranty

The SDI Series is simple, strong and economical and ideal for light industrial, commercial and professional applications. Featuring splash-lubricated, cast-iron pumps designed for high air delivery at low speeds, these units perform reliably, with low wear & downtime.

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Humphrey are an outstanding supplier who manufacture fluid and process control products for medical devices, green and alternate energy solutions, off-road and specialty transportation applications, testing and analytical equipment, package and conveyor logistics control systems, factory and process automation, and many more. Their products include:

  • Solenoid Valves
  • Pilot Operated Valves
  • Manual and Mechanical Valves
  • Vacuum Control Products
  • Quick Exhausts
  • Cylinders and other Linear Actuators
  • Sensors and accessories
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Kaeser Compressors

The Kaeser Compressors, Blowers and compressed air systems, manufactured in Germany are simply the best in classes for advanced engineering and energy efficiency. Once introduced to the Kaeser products customers never go back to their old compressor manufacturer. Compressed air is a huge drain on the energy, ask about our ADA’s (Air-on-demand-analysis) testing, which will improve your air efficiency and lead to significant energy savings.

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We do a lot of Z142-10 safety conversions and we always select Keyence Safety Light Curtains.

KEYENCE manufactures a broad range of products, from photoelectric and proximity sensors to measuring instruments for inspection lines and high precision devices used in research institutes.

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Lynch is the largest automated North American producer of hydraulic motion control manifolds. They offer a single source solution for design, manufacture and integration. Lynch manufactures, bar manifolds, monitored valve packs, 2 speed valves, hammer valves, priority flow controls, selector valves, electronics, proportional valve drivers and valve driver control boxes. All products are manufactured in their Ontario Plants.

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Metaris piston, gear and vane pumps are 100% interchangeable and offer genuine OEM replacement parts. The line includes the following. These high quality products are assembled in Canada and offer excellent value.

  • Vane Pumps: Eaton, Vickers, Caterpillar
  • Gear Pumps and Motors: Parker/Commercial, Case, Grove, John Deer, Muncie, Caterpillar
  • Piston Pumps: Rexroth, Eaton/Vickers, Linde, Caterpillar, Volvo, JCB
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Eastern Fluid Power Inc. is the Canadian master distributor for Northman Fluid Power. Northman products are built to endure and offer high value. Northman Company Ltd, founded in 1971, has grown into a global manufacturer of hydraulic directional valves, control valves, and pumps. Northman are dedicated to quality and customer service.

We carry a full line of Northman products and are interested in developing a network of distributors.

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Starcyl Cylinders

Heavy duty Hydraulic Cylinders
Comprehensive Line of Air Cylinders

Removable Gland

  • Externally removable with standard tools (hex flats)
  • Cast iron Starnite gland for wear and friction
  • Rod seal is a double lip soft urethane for low friction and long life
  • Rod wiper to wipes dirt out and clean any oil film from the rod

Piston Rod (chrome shaft also available)

  • High strength alloy steel (SAE4140)
  • Better lubrication retention
  • Starnite process, hardness of min 70Rc (Out-performs chrome shaft for corrosion resistant by 20:1)
  • Environmentally friendly compare to chrome

Head and Cap

  • Machine from medium carbon steel to provide concentricity for the tubing and other parts (available in Starnite)


  • Heavy wall steel tubing honed
  • Starnite (available upon request) to resist wear on the inside of the tubing (70 rc). Corrosion resistant (no paint)

Tie Rods

  • High strength tie rods made from 100 ksi min. Steel
  • Starnite (available upon request). Corrosion resistant (no paint)

Stepped Cushion and Adjustment Valve

  • Machine from steel with steps for maximum performance for reducing shock

End Tube Seals

  • Pressure actuated o rings


  • S.A.E. ports are standard


  • Cast iron piston with wear ring and 2 lip seal u-cup in soft urethane

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Sun Hydraulics

Sun Hydraulics designs and manufactures screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds for industrial and mobile applications. Sun's unique two-piece, floating construction ensures cartridge functionality and reliability. Standard manifolds are offered in nearly limitless variety and custom manifolds can be designed to meet specific customer requirements.

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For mobile and industrial application we supply Ryco Diehard hose and Ryco Couplings and Adapters. Ryco Diehard is recommended for high pressure hydraulic lines when the hose is likely to be subject to abrasion. The cover of the Diehard line is specially formulated to be abrasion resistant.

The couplings and fittings are likewise heavy duty and offer high durability. We highly recommend this product. One of our large users of hose products has told us that after we switched him over to Ryco Diehard, his hose last five times longer than his previous brand.

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Viking Pump

Viking built their first pump in 1904 and today their quality and durability is legend. We highly recommend this outstanding product.

Viking Pump offers a variety of hydraulic pumps and accessories for fluid power applications. Based on the external gear pumping principle, except with tighter clearances than industrial duty external gear pumps, they are capable of discharge pressures to 3,000 psi.

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