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petro canada preventive oil maintenance producs

Quality Hydraulic Oil + Regular Oil Analysis = Reduced Downtime.

A leading cause of system failure and damage to hydraulic systems is degraded oil.  To maintain the health of a hydraulic system start with a quality product.  We recommend Petro Canada products and Greenland, Greenplus Hydraulic Fluid ES, environmentally safe fluid.

Ask about our Preventive Maintenance Oil Analysis Programme.

ISO 9001:2015


We strongly recommend selecting a high quality dependable hydraulic fluid.  The extra cost, is more than compensated for by the value of extended life and superior properties of the product.  Degraded oil is one of the leading causes of hydraulic system failure, which can lead to expensive repairs and downtime. Please visit the Petro Canada website for full specifications.

We also recommend Greenland Corporation, Greenplus Hydraulic fluid, for environmentally sensitive applications.

Please visit the Greenland Corporation website for full specifications.


The origins of oil analysis date back to the 1940's.  Prompted by the purchase of a fleet of new locomotives simple spectrographic and physical tests were used to monitor the engines. 

We use Canada's premier laboratories, who service industry in North America, Europe, Austrailia, Africa and South America.

Oil Condition.  When exposed to oxygen, gasses and high temperatures, oils undergo destructive changes in properties.  Viscosity changes, additive depletion and oxidation all contribute to oil degradation.

Laboratory analysis determines the level and nature of contamination, the condition of the oil including the property levels of the oil and the additives and the level of wear indicated by the presence of elements found in the oil.

Recommendations.  These finds, which are linked from the baseline sample to the current sample, allow us to give you extensive information on the health of your system and advise when oil should be filtered or replaced.  In some circumstance we have been able to predict potential failures and eliminate the root-cause, thereby preventing very costly repairs and downtime.

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