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Fax: (613) 384-8887
Toll Free: (855) 384-8884
Email: info@efp.ca

Kingston Office
1120 Clyde Court
Kingston, Ontario
K7P 2E4

(613) 384-8884

Belleville Office

240 Adam Street, Unit 6
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5S4

(613) 689-8080



We repair all hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems, at our shop or on your premises. We are available for complex trouble-shooting for Industrial and Mobile applications or simple shop repairs, such as resealing a cylinder or making a replacement hose or tube.

ISO 9001:2015 Registered

We work with all OEM equipment and offer replacement parts and repairs. We have two fully equipped drive-in mobile bays. We have work cells for Tube Bending, Aluminium extrusion cutting and assembly, cylinder repair, including large telescopic cylinders, replacement hose assemblies, and four general work stations for the repair of pumps, motors and small cylinders.

We perform planned maintenance and preventive maintenance, including oil sampling and analysis.


Some service and repair specialities include:

  • Press Z142-10 Pre-Start Health & Safety Audits and compliance rebuilds

  • Automation, retrofit and remanufacture of Industrial or Mobile equipment

  • Boom Trucks and Heavy Mobile equipment, including hydraulic safety inspections

  • Repair, Service and Installation of Compressed Air systems and Compressors


Boom trucks, excavators, dump trucks, backhoes. Whatever your heavy equipment needs we can repair, automate or rebuild the hydraulic system. Hose, tube, cylinders, motors. We have two mobile bays specifically designed for heavy equipment.


We have a fully equipped shop. Our facilities include:

Two mobile bays accessible for the largest equipment, a cylinder work bench for large heavy duty cylinders, an Aluminium Extrusion cell for building workstations, safety enclosures & guards, Tube Benders, one mobile or floor model, hose Assembly cell, cutting, crimping & cleaning, and four general purpose work cells for repair of small cylinders, pumps, motors etc.