custome hydraulic tube assemblies

Tube assemblies short-run (10 to 1000 pieces)

Precision manufactured from samples, reverse engineered, 2D or 3D drawings or xyz specifications. We are tube bending specialists, brake tubes, hydraulic tubes, flexible and rigid tubes. Precision measured to ensure absolute repeatability!


ISO 9001:2015

What we Bend:
• Hydraulic Brake & Steering Lines, metric & imperial, 10mm (3/8”) to 30mm (1 ¼”)
• High & Low Pressure Hydraulic Lines
• Fuel Lines, Suction Lines
• Fire Retardant Lines
• Grab Bars, Rolls Bars
• High Pressure Power Units Lines
• Prototypes
• Stainless or Carbon Steel
• Combination Rigid & Flexible Lines

Where we Bend
• On site or at our Facility
• Transportation, Marine, Mobile Equipment, Industrial, Research, Mining, Process

How we Bend
• Portable Benders
• Semi-Automatic Benders
• CNC Automatic Benders
• Hi-Pressure (10,000 psi) Custom Bender & Flange Machine

Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2008
• Advanced 3D Digitizer for design and production Validation
• Reverse Engineering (where practical)
• Prototyping

This is a prototype set of cooling tubes for a LIM unit.

If you require tube assemblies in your production, whether in sets of 1 or 2 or up to 1000 of each, we have the solution.  We have the capability of bending complex assemblies with multiple compound bends varying in length from inches to meters.

Tube bending is a core competency at EFP. We perform a wide range of bending on equipment from single radius mechanical benders, useful for prototype bending on site, to state-of-the-art programmable CNC equipment. We bend a wide range of materials as defined by specific application requirements and are specialists in hydraulic tubing, stainless and carbon steel.


We can produce tubes from on-site prototyping, samples, 2D drawings or 3D drawings.  We can engineer or reverse engineer.

Our Quality Assurance techniques guarantee 100% repeatability.